Update your hallway in less than one day

I left it three years to do anything much to my hallway. I could put on a pretentious voice and say it was deliberate as I was «checking out the light in all seasons» or some such thing. But it was just life getting in the way, as it tends to do. This – in its beige monstrosity – is what my hallway used to look like on a good day:


Not really anything that I longed to get home to. How did I get to grips? Since I am obsessed with the Nordic and in particular the Nordic Noir, I gathered inspiration from this wonderful TV-show, The Bridge/Broen. A Nordic Noir colour palette really is most breathtaking on interiors (said the Norwegian). Look, this is Saga’s place of work:


In any case, breathtaking is so much better than beige. And when painting, including the skirting boards stretches the walls, highlighting their height. Makes the room feel more spacious, which is a nice trick when dabbling with the dark side of saturated colour. I also painted out the door frames, doors and window frames to add unity and flow.

Then I decided to add something high up on the wall to make you look up and ignore the messy floor. (The other trick is to tidy, but let’s be realistic, that’s not going to happen much, is it?)


The Bonjour Bxxlght is not very Nordic, you say? Oh, but you are wrong. It is Made In Sweden. Also, Husband and I got married in Paris close to 10 years ago now, so greeting everyone that enter our abode in French is only appropriate.

So 1. is ordered the Bonjour Bxxlight, 2. is added a Tibetan sheepskin, as the texture is all kinds of wonderful, especially during cold season. 3. is added fairy lights to the plant once it gets dark, as deeper coloured walls need more lamps than light coloured walls. (I also have downlights, but tend to use them only when we actually have to find stuff, as they don’t bring ambience). 4. Painted with Farrow & Ball Olive to go with the F&B Studio Green on the adjoining walls. These two colours are madly in love, in a moody, Scandi-chic way. 5. is added Monstera plant in a vintage pot, because plants liven up any place, and during winter, when we are outdoors less, nature can still come inside and play. 6. is added a handmade rug by my grandmother about 60 years ago, but if you have no crafty grandmother from Scandinavia, Ränder rug is available from Ikea. 7. is my coat rack from House Doctor that was already in place. 8. is added brass knobs to the newly acquired vintage nightstand/hallway table.

How quick was this an update, you ask? I did all this in less than one day, and that includes driving to Oslo to buy the paint (I am so very fussy about paint brands), painting two coats, and even giving it time to dry, plus picking up the vintage nightstand that works as a table by the door, and stopping at a hardware store to get knobs for it.

And if you can’t tell the difference between the before and after photos, you should have left this blogpost ages ago, darling.