It’s surf’o clock in Oslo and Norwegian wood never looked better

I you haven’t already heard of Treklokker, you need to listen up. And if you visit Oslo, you need to soak up the mood in this funky, brand new showroom and shop at Kolbotn, colour coordinated and styled by Nordic by Maag.

Treklokker resides on the second floor of a retro cool pebbledash concrete shopping mall in Kolbotnveien 7. It is an environmentally friendly Norwegian brand created by Evy Reimers Arnestad in late 2014. I never thought I’d use the phrase «totes adorable» about ANYTHING, let alone a person. But if it were to happen, I would use it about Evy.

Except she is also a powerhouse, so even if she is so cute on the outside, all you want to do is pet her and take pictures of her, I suspect this is one hard ass business-woman when it comes down to it.

Contrary to her mellow surfer’s attitude, this woman gets things done the way she wants them to get done, and she gets them done quickly.

Norwegian design wristwatch by Photo:
Norwegian design sunglasses by Photo:

Evy has been a wholesaler in superfood and rawfoods, so knows her way around the corporate. But she is also a trained nursery school teacher, so very creative. That, combined with a dire interest in surfing and environmentally friendly causes, led her to set up Treklokker = wristwatches made out of wood.

Until now, she has been operating mostly with an online global webshop. She designs singlehandedly, but has someone else make the products to her orders, delivered in recyclable wrapping.

There are the wristwatches, there are the sunglasses with tinted shades, giving you all sorts of colourful views of your surroundings, and her line is increasing.

All products are related to the perishable, in wooden materials, playing with perceptions of time and space.

I am in love with the bamboo bike, which is Evy’s latest addition to Treklokker. Watch out for her booth at Oslo Design Fair in September!

Evy and her bamboo bike, Norwegian design by Photo:

The showroom and shop at Kolbotn also sells interior products, so far curated, but not made by Evy (watch this space), and she sells children’s surf wear by Levis.

Go sit on her (recycled from old showroom) sofa already and take in the mood. To some extent, Oslo for tourists seems to be all about little independent shops, good design and environmentally friendly perspectives. Treklokker’s new showroom/shop is a great addition to this.

Treklokker Showroom and shop, Kolbotnveien 7 (second floor) at Kolbotn in Oslo.
Treklokker Showroom and shop, Kolbotnveien 7 (second floor) at Kolbotn in Oslo. Foto: Nordic by Maag iPhone.