The truth about kitchen renovation

Nordic by Maag kitchen

If you have read any of my blogposts, you know I struggle with white walls. White walls have the same effect on me as a blank piece of paper, or a blank computer screen for that matter.

It bugs me until I have made some kind of pattern on it, colour, words, whatever, but really not whatever at all. I can not relax in a white home. As far as my own home goes, it reflects my family’s multifaceted personality.

Nordic by Maag kitchen

KITCHEN TRUTH 1: Even the smallest renovation scheme will always take longer than you think. But maybe not that much longer, so just do it anyway.

Our white kitchen had been white since we moved in. We decided on what kitchen to put in when I had just given birth to our second child, is the only excuse I have for my lack of domination over the interior decisions at that time.

We had already gone over budget on the house we were building, so for the kitchen we just went with flat fronts in a simple matte, white finish, combined with stainless steel countertops.

It troubles me to even write about it, there is a reason there are so few pictures of our old kitchen.

Which is really silly, because all I needed to do was change the colour and add pattern, raise the visual interest, if you like. It doesn’t get much easier than that! But then life, ey? It’s not like we are made of time, right?

Nordic by Maag panic
Nordic by Maag panic

KITCHEN TRUTH 2: The reason we go over budget is not because we are bad at math, but because we often discover some item or design aspect during reserach for products, that will make our whole design plan that much better. It will be worth it.

Succulents are safe at Nordic by Maag
Succulents are safe at Nordic by Maag

Kitchen renovations feel like a big deal, because they are often costly. And what I want, what I really, really want is a brass kitchen, which is far out of my price range. So in the end I stopped fussing and faffing about what I couldn’t afford, and just did the creative and inexpensive alternative:

I covered our kitchen fronts in decor foil. It will not last forever, but it is easy to replace – and you know what, all kitchen fronts will need TLC from time to time.

Nordic by Maag gifted flower that is already dead

KITCHEN TRUTH 3: You will never regret going ahead with your project. Once it is completed, your life will be better. Fact!

The kitchen foil was accompanied by Farrow & Ball paint, colour Studio Green in finish Modern emulsion. It is a dark, inky and very calming colour, and it is also on the walls of our living room.

Green plants and plant planets, and the odd flower tops it all off. We have not green fingers, so anything not faux with flowers on it dies. These guys here are an experiment as to how long I can keep live plants alive. Four weeks and counting.

Nordic by Live plants – but for how long will they look pretty?

Taking the Nordic by Dog out for a walk now, speak soon! My Instagram account, @Nordic_by_Maag is updated most days, if you care for more frequent decor updates than on my website. Have a lovely, sunny Sunday!

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