Stylish home decor for my stylish dog

Yes, so this most adorable puppy girl – a French Bulldog – is about to move in with my family. I am ABSOLUTELY ECSTATIC and have of course planned a room around her, you can see the fruits of my labour in this featured image. Her name is Lilou Ninja. (Yes, I have two boys, and we had many a tearful family meeting about the importance of naming your dog right.)

Needless to say, Lilou Ninja will not get this room immediately, no, no, no. Because she is a puppy and bless her, she will gnaw on everything and quite possibly wee on everything too. So what she will get from day one in our home is an endless amount of love. And when she is properly house trained, we’ll see about the rest.

I plan my interiors around what I feel strongly about, it is a surefire way to create a home that works with the emotional aspect of aesthetics: It can’t just look nice, it must fill your heart with all the right kinds of good feelings.

And so when creating this moodboard for Lilou, I used her neutral brown-ish tone as a starter for my palette. I chose Farrow & Ball paint, I always do. Paint is the one thing I do not compromise on in interiors.

You get what you pay for with colour, the one with the most colour pigments will cost more. But it is not an expense you will regret, as it adds a whole new dimension to the saying “watching paint dry”. Super exciting when you chose quality paint!

There also needs to be at least three colours present in a palette – they can riff off of each other, but shouldn’t be so close together they’re just nuances of the same colour. No, because that may sound like an incredibly stylish idea, but will end up looking flat and a little dull with time. Then you’ll be unhappy and you’ll want to change it all – and that’s a lot of work.

Be a little braver than you think you can stomach from the very start – and your palette will fare much better.

Blue is a good starter colour for me, a safe one for Scandi interiors indeed. Calming and soothing, and it works well with Lilou’s fur.

Except for the walls (and not even for all of them) I don’t so much choose solid colours, I like patterns and tactility. I do not do minimalism for myself, but I can do it for you. If you promise you love it, and are not just saying you love it because you haven’t taken the effort to learn what you really love yet.

A good palette also needs contrasts – I have chosen a muted yellow to go with the blues, and then thrown in that beautiful Kaare Klint Safari chair in cognac coloured leather to add some more warmth. Yellow is a bit of a tricky colour, it can be overwhelming, so for me I need it in small, muted and diluted doses. But then I love it, for the sheer joy and rays of sunshine that it brings to an interior.

Green is a must in any home of any colour – plants, pillows, patterns, I sneak it in where I can.

That’s all for today, folks, I have a new short and effective online course on home styling in the making and must limit daydreaming about my adorable dog française. If you wonder about anything on the featured image for this post, check the list here:

Dog inspired decor: 1. Wallpaper Aranami BP 4604 Farrow & Ball, 2. Lamp DCW Editions – Mantis BS2, 3./4./5. Cushions from, 6. Kaare Klint Safari Chair, 7. Paint colour Dayroom Yellow from Farrow & Ball, 8. Paint colour Blue Ground from Farrow & Ball. 9. Rug from, 10. Cactus from, 11. Chandelier LIM Medium handmade with clay beads by (You need to check this one out for yourself, you really must!)