Plants that work with the Nordic style? Plantplanets, obviously!

Ah, yes, what plants up the ante of the Nordic style homes and why? These are topics I shall explore more and louder as a contributor to my newest client, plants and garden website With this last influx of greens in our homes, it’s always fun to find some plants that are presented in an unusual way.

My first post is on the wonderous Plantplanets, featured image of this post. These adorable things make my heart beat a little (a lot) faster, they are a mix of modern Danish design mixed with ancient Japanese crafting techniques. The mastermind behind these particular ones is Danish architect and designer Kaja Sofie Skytte, who I’ve also interviewed for this month’s edition of Bonytt magazine, out now.

The Plantplanets are succulents handplanted in planet-shaped fertile soil. The soil is kept in place with coconut threads, so the plant does not need any kind of pot. These ones hang from a system of leather strings and brass pins.

And you only have to water them once a week, tops!

You may recognize that many succulents are not necessarily typically Nordic plants. Here’s the thing: Nordic style doesn’t have to consist of only Nordic elements. To keep everything in one style is always going to be too one dimensional for Nordic by Maag.

The way to lift you favourite style is always going to be to add something that contrasts with it, bringing both styles to a higher level if done right.

Just make sure when you do this eclectic mixing, that your signature style remains the protagonist, and that the contrasting elements are coolifying accents only.

I will soon be looking at different types of air plants, or Tillandsia, if you want the technical term, different faux flowers and all sorts of green and voluptuous things that strike my fancy and add pure pieces of nature to our living quarters. And then I shall sing about them at and quite possibly also here on my own blog.

Architect and designer Kaja Sofie Skytte is the mastermind behind the Danish Plantplanets. Image courtesy
Architect and designer Kaja Sofie Skytte is the mastermind behind the Danish Plantplanets. Images in this post are courtesy of