Nordic by Maag home featured in the national press

And suddenly we were everywhere, my little Lilou and I, and our very lovingly decorated home. Thank you so much for all the lovely feedback on this! It means a lot! And do get in touch if you want to play!


Bergens Tidende:


Fædrelandsvennen (FVN):

Stavanger Aftenblad:

And that’s all for today! More than enough, perhaps! Do follow @nordicbymaag on Instagram, and remember to enter our #darksideshow competition!

1 thought on “Nordic by Maag home featured in the national press

  1. Hi Maria

    I hope this finds you very well!

    I’m the homes editor at IKEA Family magazine and we absolutely love your home’s style. We’d love to talk to you about maybe featuring you in our summer issue – is this something you’d be interested in? We commission the very best photographers and stylists in the industry and we come over for a lovely couple of days – the whole process is super chilled and fun! We get you involved with the stylist, putting together a wish list of IKEA products for your home, all of which you can keep!

    I hope this all makes sense, any questions please just ask. Here is a link to our most recent issue for you to look at:

    Best wishes,

    Rachel Christie Homes Editor
    August. 82 Baker Street, London, W1U 6AE
    +44 (0)20 7830 3531

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