9 cool Nordic lamps – and creating a good place to work

So. I had a meeting in an office in Oslo the other day, in one of these modern, open plan buildings made by renowned architects. A few short months ago, I worked full time in this particular one, but had already forgotten how terribly lit most corporate offices are.

Fluorescent light from the ceiling is all, no ambience light, no chance of dimming it even. And no fun lamps, cool lamps or candles that we who have the luxury of working from home so quickly take for granted.

When you work in one of those huge, open plan offices, you have little time to reflect (haha) upon the lighting. But perhaps you should make time. If you have a say in how your office is going to look, you need to make lighting an issue.

The Nordic style is very much about playing with lights and shadows and the in between, so I pulled together some Scandi-lamps that will bring both great style and ambience to your (home) office in no time:

1. Moo by Norwegian Northern Lighting. 2. BallRoom XL by Danish Design By Us. 3. Alex by Swedish Watt&Veke. 4. Uglelampe (owl lamp with gold) by Norwegian Scusi. 5. Petite Machine Table by Danish Lindholdt Studio. 6. Vintage Lampefot mini brun, again from Danish Design by Us. 7. Nimbus by Swedish Rubn Lighting. 8. Tribeca from Danish Menu. 9. Bell from Danish House Doctor.

And as far as home offices go, check out this very cool one, belonging to and by artist and interior designer Shannon Kaye.

Home office photo courtesy of the gorgeous Shannon Kaye.
Home office photo courtesy of the gorgeous Shannon Kaye.

I fell for it, because it has a clear personality and there is love in the abundance of details. Also, even though the walls are black, it is a joyful photo. Mostly due to the use of colour and furniture shapes, but also because I suspect Shannon had a great time decorating it – partly with chalk! Shannon says:

I painted the wall with black chalk paint then drew the frame and floral pattern with chalk. The art you see is one of my original paintings. I love layering pattern and color in my art and in my interiors. I also mix styles and use unconventional things in unconventional ways.

She is based in brilliant San Francisco, and makes paintings, upcycles furniture and does interior design with the strongest signature style. From a Nordic perspective, I love her torn landscape series, where she paints on furniture or entire walls. There is something so windblown and introspective about those that totally suck me in. And as you will see from her website, most of her stuff with this motive on it sells out in no time. But fear not, she can make them for you on order.

Nordic by Maag is all about mixing styles unconventionally, so Shannon is likely to appear on this blog again.