How to make a picture wall – and why you need one

Today is the day I officially became one of these people who say – out loud even – that “time is of the essence”. It actually happened a few days ago, because I was convinced I had another week before December strikes, and it most shockingly turns out that I don’t. The month of December starts on Tuesday. In my head I am running around in circles, screaming and tearing my hair out, but I have kids and I don’t want to scare them more than necessary.

But I made this picture wall, and styled my living room, after living three years in this house. Clearly, I should have realised that time is of the essence much sooner, because my living room transformed once I put those pictures up. But then again, I would probably have made a shitty picture wall if I’d set it up three years ago, and this one I am quite content with.

Except who am I kidding, making a picture wall is the easiest thing in the world. Just do it already!

I have had some of the stuff on this wall in a closet since we moved here. The oval mirror, and the little Basquiait. And the small abstract to the right of the mirror, that one is made by my firstborn, about four (whaaaaaat??) years ago now. But the rest? The black and white photo came home with me after charming me on a styling job I did in June. It looked cooler there, but it works here too.

Trust your gut – a picture wall doesn’t need as much planning as you think. But I am happy to do it for you – get in touch.

The plan was to make an all Nordic wall to reflect my Norwegian spirit, so to speak. And the paintings of weahter and water, I bought them from a charity shop that I visit far too often. They are painted by Norwegian amateur artists (they might have been pros, but you will never have heard of them, unless you are them, in which case I deeply apologise for my ignorance. You so rock, I would have bought your painting for much more than I actually did).

But then I saw the Paris-scene, and I got married in Paris. And a very dear friend lives there, is in fact a bona fide Parisienne. And what with the latest terrorist attacks and all, I was strongly feeling Paris as I visited the charity shop who held it hostage. Yada, yada, yada, point is my picture wall consists of a bunch of different stuff. And ladies and gentlemen, so do we.

Mixing and matching, complex people, stuff from all kinds of eras and of different styles, that is what transforms a house into a home.

What you need to think about when you make a picture wall is really not so much. You should love every picture, of course. But even if you just feel lukewarm about them, when they are all up together, they will add a good feeling to the room, even if they are less than phenomenal on their own.

A picture wall definitely doesn’t need to consist of expensive or exquisite art. Shouldn’t, in fact, at least not if you have kids with crayons, or messy friends who throw blackberry cocktails all over the place (you know who you are, and I still love you!).

And let me just add, since I have already said that “time is of the essence” and even referenced my “spirit”: SEIZE THE DAY! Don’t fret about putting the nails in the wrong place, or hanging things crooked. Keep a level nearby and hang each picture on a string so they adjust easily, it really is a simple as that. Just get those pictures out of the closet and up on the wall already!

Here is a photo of my living room as it used to look and for far too long. I share it because I love a transformation, especially one that banishes beige.

No. I have no excuse for this horrid photo. None. Beige be gone.

If your before photo looks anything like this, there really should be no worries of what putting nails into your wall might do to the room aesthetically. Because there is no aesthetic to speak of. The featured image, however, that is something I am so very happy to come home to every day.

You will never regret making an effort to make your home more appealing to you. Even if that effort requires hired help.