How to Christmas decorate reluctantly

christmas decorate faux flowers

Yes, yes, it’s true. My all time favourite character out of any Christmas-film ever is Billy Mack out of Love Actually.

“If you really love Christmas/come on and let is snow…? Ouch!”


I love Billy Mack because he struggles with social convention, albeit in a much more formidable way than me. Because if Christmas, or any festive season for that matter, is anything, it is laden with strange and old fashioned rules about what one should and should not do.

Main objections:

  • The Christmas-gifts. Why buy for people who already buy all they need themselves? They might not even like what you buy for them, and isn’t that just a waste of both time and cash?

You could’ve worked less and spent more time with your friends or your kids or both, if you didn’t spend so much time searching for and buying all those stupid presents.

  • The blind following of tradition. Really? Just because we did it last year, must we do it this year too?
  • And why-oh-WHY must we bake so much? It never gets eaten all – there is no shortage of food in Norway as of for a good few years.

There is more, way more, but you catch my drift, and I don’t want to be a Grinch, as many of you beautiful people are strangely in love with Christmas.

I will never understand Christmas, but I have accepted that and moved on to spend my time on the things that I really do love, like running my own business. There is a big launch coming up for me in the New Year, it’s very sssshhh-ssshhh for now, but watch this space.

And for anyone else time poor and longing for more time on the sofa – here is my prime tip for reluctant Christmas decorating:

Buy a real Christmas tree, which will supply you with the most gorgeous and peacefully festive smell on earth, enabling you to deal with social convention gracefully-ish. Fake tree is a no-no and diffusers won’t to either. Here you must have the real thing, a real tree, for REAL!

Get the REAL tree in your house.

Let you kids put tinsel on it while you watch them fight over over each piece and put everything on one branch.

Do nothing more. Sigh, count your blessings, have mulled wine or Champagne or both. And do absolutely watch Love Actually.

If you like, you can bring in some faux plants in to make a proper Christmas jungle that will divert people from realising you did not do any Christmas cleaning, and that a lot of the products you serve on the table are bought at least partially ready-made.

Bonus: fake plants do not need you to tend to them, so there’s time saved there too.

It is in fact becoming harder and harder to tell which plants are faux and which are real these days. In photos it is damn well near impossible (I swore in a post about Christmas, yay!) to tell the difference. At least if you are willing to spend some dosh on your flower arrangements.

On the featured image for this post, taken by photographer Morten Bendiksen and styled by me for Fretex Magasin, about one third the plants are artificial. And you won’t be able to tell which ones they are unless I tell you. Fact.

So – don’t stress yourself out over Christmas and all the stuff you are supposed to do to get ready for it, unless you love to do exactly that – in which case, could you come and clean my house too while you’re at it?

I leave you with the spectacular Billy Mack, my man, my Mack: