Fifteen minutes of fame via Abigail Ahern

Abigail Ahern blogged about my home. She is heralded as “The high priestess of interior style” by LivingEtc magazine, and “one of the worlds most exciting decorators” by W magazine. I agree with both of them and so love this woman’s energy, style and ability to create the most intriguing business.

So for the Nordic by Maag-home to be featured on her blog, not only once, but two days in a row in two different blog posts is just totally making my week. Had to share it.

First there was the post about maximalism versus minimalism. I am clearly not a minimalist, and if you’ve read the few posts I’ve put up on this brand new website of mine, then you will recognize that the image to the left is of my bedroom.
Screenshot from AA-blog

You can read the full post by clicking on these very words, post looks like this:

screenshot2 AAblog

And then as if that post wasn’t enough to make an interior nerd like me happy, I got on again with Q&A the next day.

You can also see more images of my house on the at mine website.

Logging off to dance wildly around my moody house now.