Champagne for my real friends

Champagne for my real friends/Real pain for my sham friends.

Yeah, not my words (but I like them), nor do they belong to the band Fall Out Boy, who’s made a much googled song by that title. Coincidentally making it a fairly fabulous title for a blog post if you are looking to increase your SEO-ranking. I’m just saying.

They are supposedly the words of Irish-British painter Francis Bacon. And this is a post about networking. But real friends or sham friends, I’ll drink champagne with mostly anyone.

It is now almost a year since I handed in my notice to my former boss. Actually I gave it to my boss’s boss, who is still not the company boss, just to say something about the size of the place – and started my own company.

I didn’t have a clear business plan, but I had plenty of Ideas for things I wanted to try out for my little on-man-show of a business. Then, as a lot of self starters who go that no-plan-route will agree, the ball starts rolling.

Priorities change. Aims develop into different directions, new contacts surprise you, old contacts surprise you. Not always pleasantly, but sometimes spectacularly so.

THANK YOU to all of you who have continued to book me for jobs this past year! And THANK YOU to all of you who continue to be enthusiastic and just plain lovely every time we meet.

I also want to say THANK YOU to new networking contacts, so wise and generous and sometimes gloriously crazy in the name of innovation. You remind me that work is also about great big belly laughs, and that it is an incredible privilege to be able to run my own company and (mostly) call my own shots.

I do a lot of the same stuff I did before, I write, I style, I edit, I direct, I consult, bladibladiblah. I have worked harder and more than I thought was humanly possible for me – I am not one of these (annoying) people who need no sleep. I need more sleep.

But I have not for a second been bored. I have not for a second wanted to go back to my steady job.

I’ve held one, but not the same one, pretty much since I submitted my Master’s thesis in Architecture and Interior design more than a decade ago now.

And my trouble with staying in steady jobs for large scale media corporations year in and year out, is I stopped needing to make a case for why they should keep me on their staff. They just kept paying me and paying me well.

Because I get things done and I learn new IT-skills fast.

So the companies and the editorial process changed through the years, and I changed with it. But somehow it all became more about the companies and less about what I should actually bring to the table. And I am mostly down with that. As a self starter I absolutely understand the importance and pressure of keeping a business solvent.

But if the sole motivation to stay in your job is because it pays well, that is fifty shades of WRONG. Murder for the soul, yes indeed.

But now – now my soul is back to being as excited as it was when I sold my first article to the local newspaper back in 1999. And I am learning how to be vociferous about own skills – albeit in my own trademark soft-spoken way.

I do journalism, I beautify private homes and I make online courses (too) now. Here is a sneak peak of a prototype course in home styling that is ongoing as we speak.

I would love to produce more online courses, faster, better and some smaller courses too – and I also want to make them in English. They don’t have to be my own courses, they don’t have to be about home styling and I don’t need to be the face of them.

But I love the process of media production. So I am looking for collaborators and funding.

If you want to drink champagne with a real (or sham) very capable and efficient friend (I am talking about myself), get in touch! No pain! But like Don Draper (featured image for this post), I only work in non-ugly offices. Kidding. Sort of. Would you like a colour consultation for yours?