About Carrie Bradshaw’s floorplan

New home, old home, no home, shared home, the best ones look so relaxed, like they’ve organically grown the way they are and the furniture popped up in perfect places on its own.

But as it is, mes amies, the most tempting homes are usually the homes that are consciously outlined to reflect the life and habits of their owner(s).

They work so well exactly because they are so very far from random, rather they are fastidiously planned.

Meanwhile, uptown, let’s look at a famously fabulous one. I present you here the floorplan of Carrie Bradshaw’s apartment in New York City, handdrawn by the meticolous artist Iñaki Aliste Lizarralde. (Click and buy your own handmade original here.)

The main hang out areas in Carrie’s home are her bedroom and her office. Which makes is feasible that all she ever did at home was lay in her bed, or write at her desk. Which sounds AWESOME. I want to be her, or I did, before she became so whiny and married Mr. Big. Yuk!

But back to the floorplan – it reflects indeed a seemingly very lovely life. But while on that very subject, the only place where there is room for more than one person to sit, is on Bradshaw’s bed. That’s fine if your life is an endless stream of Champagne-swigging pajama parties.

But in real life, would you really want to have your friends hang out in your bedroom? Imagine how tidy you would have to keep that bedroom all. the. time.

Also, Carrie’s walk-in-wardrobe is bigger than her kitchen, which did in fact agree with her. She used her oven for shoe storage, remember? But I have to say it: She could have extended the kitchen into the foyer a little bit. Could have kept with the times and had herself a nice little pop-up-restaurant. Except that wasn’t really a thing in the 90s, when Carrie rocked our screens.

The foyer is after all a transition zone, and it is emphasized a little heavily spacewise compared to the other areas. But then again, there are no windows and so no natural light in that section, and having a large foyer does suit Carrie’s upmarket lifestyle. But would it suit your needs for your place?

If no structural changes were to be made to this apartment, I would have at least loved to stick some oversized faux plants in there. An Abigail Ahern banana tree would have transformed the space. Or even just a round table with a flower arrangement on display, that would have been more New York City-style than the banana-tree, no?

Of course the scale of the furniture, so that it doesn’t take over the space, but still gives it character, and the colour palette of every little thing in it, are large parts of why her apartment looks attractive.

And about the lack of sofas, there is a newer version of the Carrie Bradshaw floorplan doing the rounds, it is of the movie version of her place. She has two sofas in this one, and her desk has been pulled into her bedroom. Check it out:

10968563_771422389618701_5933578292130140351_nBut the old version resonates with me more, so much more. (True for most things, except for Apple-products. )

The old version is dreamier, more extreme, more bonkers. Don’t mess with favourite fiction to make it practical.

But if you’d like help with furnishing a real life floorplan, practical or not so much, do get in touch. Let’s source some Carrie-style furniture and make your pad look frivolous yet intellectual – and with a Nordic noir twist.

Or whatever else you’d prefer.