A DIY home project that takes all of fifteen minutes

There’s a thing about us Nordic, it is connected to the lack of light in winter, and the endlessness of it in summer. Which means that during summer we never go inside, and during winter, we pretend we are still outside by bringing nature inside. We are a little bit obsessed with it. Nature.

So as it is getting colder and darker as we speak, and the leaves are changing colour and falling down, down, down, I wanted to do the opposite, and bring green leaves up, up, up.

So this weekend I spent five precious minutes spray painting a birdcage from the fabulous Rockett St George, then three minutes stuffing an artificial fern in it. Artificial, so I don’t have to feel bad when it dies, because it won’t. I happily gave away two minutes of my life to put some exotic clip birds on it, also from Rockett St George, to make myself believe I am actually in Curaçao, or some place else warm and requiring flip-flops that I dream of visiting. And then it took all of five minutes to hang the thing in a chain from the ceiling.

I dabbled with fairy lights, as you can see in the the featured image for this post. But I am not convinced they should stay on there. At least not that kind, some smaller ones, perhaps.

But all in all, I had fun, I felt creative and I wowed my kids. Not at all a bad situation.

And I should confess that the fifteen minutes weren’t consecutive, as my kids would never have allowed me that much time to myself on a weekend, not when there is spray paint involved. And anyway, the paint needed to dry before I stuffed the fern in the cage.

IMG_1191 (1)

I kind of like the view from further away, the birdcage is rather discreet up there in the right hand corner. I suppose I could have left it unpainted, but then the cage would have been more visible in the dark colour scheme of my bedroom, and wanted it to work as a 3D-piece – popping out of the jungle leaves wallpaper, but still not stealing too much attention.

Stuff I used:

1 birdcage

1 can of green spray paint

1 artificial fern

3 clip on birds, assorted colours

1 hook and 1 chain to attatch to ceiling

1 set of fairy lights from Ikea

On a side note, I vamped up my bedroom as a project for a KLC School of Design course on interior design that I did last winter. I shudder to think what the room looked like before, but here you go:

I am still tweaking the details. Funny what a bit of colour and some styling does to create atmosphere in a place, no? And here’s a photo of the finished project to end with, birdcage and all, edited with the filter “Nordic Noir”. Because when a filter like that exists, I must use it.

IMG_1553 (1)